Owner Representation

As an owner, you have many responsibilities during the course of your construction project. The design solution must meet your needs for both function and aesthetic appeal. The scope of work needs to be comprehensive to assure a quality finished product. Bids or quotations must be solicited and contractors selected, change orders need to be analyzed and approved, the budget must be managed, as well as general oversight of the contractor(s) hired to perform the work. Whether your project is for commercial or residential use, your primary interest is in the final product of construction – your new building. You will occupy the building, and make use of it once it’s construction, repairs, or modifications are complete. However, most owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with design and construction professionals in the management of their project, since these activities are not a part of their everyday lives. The assistance of a skilled construction management professional can make all the difference in achieving the timely delivery of a quality, functional building project that fulfills your needs and vision.


When you contract Buckley Wilkins as your representative, we will guide you every step of the way from organizing and defining the work to be done, receiving quotes and recommending contractors, all the way through completion and final inspection. As your designated representative, we become the single point of contact between you and the array of players required to complete your project from architects to contractors and even building officials. We become your eyes and ears, assuring that your goals are met and your interests are protected. You enjoy the confidence and security of knowing that your budget will remain in check, and our watchdog services are providing you maximum protection from contractor default or disputes.

Construction Services & Project Management

If you are a general contractor, from time to time you may find yourself in situations where existing work or opportunities to contract new work are more than you can handle at current staffing levels. At times like these there is no need for you to overwork your existing staff or take on the added taxes and overhead associated with a new hire, especially when your need may not be long term.

Buckley Wilkins has the experience and expertise to provide you the temporary help you need so that you needn't be overwhelmed by your workload or forego potentially lucrative opportunities. We become a part of your team providing valuable additional capacity for the full range of help you require, from marketing and sales, to comprehensive pre-construction services, through project management and completion. We provide exactly the kind of help you need, when you need it, for just as long as you need it.


When you're faced with strategic decisions or working to overcome hurdles in the life of a project, the value of experienced fresh eyes, practiced research, and unbiased input can save you time, money, and frustration. Adding Buckley Wilkins to your team could be the most important step you'll take in assuring the success of your next important project. Whatever your particular situation, a free interview and assessment can be the first step toward getting the results you need.

Areas of Knowlege
  • Project Development

  • Sales, Marketing & Communications

  • Pre-Construction Services

  • ​Design Consultation

  • Public Infrastructure & Utilities

  • Cost Controls & Budgeting

  • IT & Telecomm

  • Software Development

  • Technology Deployment

  • Approvals & Permitting